Custom-Made Paper Tubes

It’s quick and easy. Everyone’s doing it.


Command Attention

It’s a fact. Packaging is part of the product experience.

Stand out. Get noticed. Sell more product!

Endless Customization

Luxury products deserve luxury packaging. Built from scratch and uniquely yours.

Any size, color, and style. Limited only by your imagination.


Packaging that can be reused or recycled is a win-win. Upgrade to paper tubes.

Reduce your ecological footprint.

Let’s work together to ensure that what’s on the outside reflects the innovation and care of what’s on the inside.

Your dedicated packaging consultant will be in touch shortly.

1.Dimensions (Height x Diameter) / Tube or Product Dimensions

2.Quantity Desired /e.g. 1000/month, 50,000/quarter
Our minimum order quantity for custom tubes is 500 pcs. If you’re looking for less, try our ready-made tubes.

3.Delivery Time/When do you need them?
Our standard production time for custom tubes is 4-6 weeks, not including prototypes or shipping. If you’re looking for quicker delivery, try our ready-made tubes.

4.Type of Product/What are you putting inside?

5. Project Goals : Please describe your project in detail. What are you looking to achieve?